Advanced manufacturing technology
leads to unique specifications

An ideal porosity strength ratio for better surgical outcome and application.
Optimized handling with high integral strength and structural cohesion.








Strength: 5.5 to 7.5 Mpa
Porosity: 81%
Pore Size: 200 to 800 um

Reliability & consistent performance

The full porosity (interconnection & microporosity) combined with its elegant trabecular architecture favors rapid and homogeneous fluids absorption.

EXABONE HA/TCP internal structure and biphasic composition creates a highly osteoconductive environment boosting bone regeneration with a controlled resorption.

Efficacy of HA/TCP biphasic bone substitute biomaterial is supported by 25 years of clinical history, thousands of related publications and published clinical studies.

Clinical applications

EXABONE HA/TCP is designed for use in a broad range of non-load bearing osseous repair defects such as: traumatology (fracture repair), revision surgery, non-unions, spinal fusion, open wedge osteotomy.

EXABONE HA/TCP can be mixed with autologous bone, blood and bone marrow aspirate.

The healing process starts by rapid osteoconduction from the viable bone at the implant interface filling all the available pore spaces. The bone matures to woven bone and consolidates followed by implant resorption.